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Re: Increase in neuropathic/central pain year after cervical laminectomy

Thanks for the replies

They did an MRI to see how the swelling of my spinal cord would develop over time.

My spinal cord was severely being compressed but two neurosurgeons at different hospitals looked at my MRI and couldn't find a reason why it happened and they both said that it was "bad luck" and normal wear and tear. The normal wear and tear together with the very narrow spinal canal from birth was probably the reason.

The reason that I didn't get a fusion is because they only removed the lamina from 2 vertebrae and a really small portion of another one. My surgeon said my spine was stable enough to not need a full fusion. They do this type of surgery without fusion lots of times (at least in Europe).

I don't run any marathons or long distances. Mostly just 10 mins in the gym. And my SCI rehab physio even said it was a good idea. But I have heard that comment more that it can be stressful on the spine, so I will look into that and maybe just sit on the bike more often instead of running.

The next MRI I am getting will be of my entire spine including lumbar area. I finally convinced my neuro that it might be a good idea to scan as well. His comment was "if you don't have pain in your lower back you don't have trouble in your lumbar area".

I am not looking for a diagnose or anything. I was just wondering if there are more people with a spinal cord injury that develop neuropathic / central pain even months after the initial injury / surgery.