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Re: any thoughts on what might work?

Hi I'm new as well, this is also my first post. I can certainly relate to your problem, in fact my PPI also seemed to have stopped working about a couple of months ago. I know you're worried about stomach or throat cancer, and if you break the commandment "thou shalt not google" like I have, you'll scare yourself silly. I'm trying to learn to not jump to the conclusion that my symptoms worsening could be cancer, I know it's difficult not to worry, as we all know to many people who have had it, but usually it's the gerd flaring up again.

I've been on 40 mg of Nexium for about 10 years now, however, I know that different PPI's work for different people. I realized over the summer months that I was slowly starting to feel that my gerd symptoms were very much like they used to be years ago, but I tried to just wait it out and see if they would disappear as they would off and on during the years. I haven't felt that acidic feeling for a long time, but now it's back with a vengence, my old stand by, which was taking liquid Gaviscon during acid flare ups, was also not working for me. I'm wondering if you took some liquid Gaviscon before bed if that might help you though, maybe worth a try, as this is the best for coating the stomach and protecting it from the acid washing around especially at night. Anyway, I'm now doubling the dose of Nexium to another 40 mg. so one in the morning and one at night. Along with that I was prescribed a drug called "domperidone" which helps the stomach contract and move the food down better. Believe me, I'm not one to take medication lightly and I hate that I have to be on it at all, but I'm giving this a try. I don't notice a huge change yet, it's only been 3 days of this new routine.

Anyway, it sounds to me like "your old friend" ( I say sarcastically of course), is back to bother you some more. So if anything I wrote in this message gives you some idea's to run by your doctor or suggest to him or her, then I hope it helps. I'll have to let you know if this routine of medication helps out and how long it takes. I would for sure try the Gaviscon though, just my suggestion being a sufferer and not a doctor though, it really seems to help with the acid throat. Sometimes it takes awhile when you try new things for the damage acid causes to get better, so what ever you take, give it time to help out. When you feel like this though, any amount of time is to long though, I surely understand that.

Welcome to you, being a new member myself, I hope to get some information and suggestions from others to. Let me know how you do.


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