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Smile First time sex experience!


I was 27 years old when I got married. Like all other guys I was too much concerned about my first night. First night is the time when most of the partners will have sex for the first time. For me it was extremely important as I was a virgin at this time and this was the first time ever I was going to have sex.

Let me admit that I did watch a few adult films much before my marriage and I had a theoritical idea(based on what I have seen in movies) about the vagina and its location.

When I finally got to the point when I and my wife had removed clothes, I had a lot of difficulty finding the exact place(i.e. vagina entry) where the Penetration should happen. I tried inserting one of my fingers in the vagina location but i was not able to insert even my little finger in and my wife will not let me force as she was feeling intense pain when I did so. The hole was too small. Initially, during the foreplay, I had an erect penis. But later when it came to the point of having sex my penis went partially down as I was not confident about the right place where insertion should happen. Finally after trying for about an hour both of us dropped the idea of having sex that night.

But this did not end here. I was not able to have successful penetration for 2 full months. And to make matters worse I now had a problem of erection because I became too concerned about the first sex. One of my doctor friend recommended a "lubricant" to make things easier. But when I applied that lubricant my penis would not have any erection at all!! I had no idea about condoms at that point in my life and unfortunately I got to buy a benzocaine based condom which made matters further worse. With bezocaine on I will have ZERO erection.

I knew I was normal as I had masturbated a few times before marriage. But having real sex with a girl was something that was annoying me now. I had no idea what was happening.

All this had left me really embarrassed in front of my wife. But I told her that I am a fresher and she apparently understood that as she too was a first timer.

Finally, after almost 8 weeks, I was able to penetrate her. But even during this intercourse the penis was only partially erect but we did it because we were really frustrated and wanted this done somehow.

Experts, I would like to know your opinion about this. Is this normal for somebody to take this long to have sex? Is there a medical/psychological explanation of this?


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