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Annoyed with rheumy's office!!

I was started on nortriptyline about 2 weeks ago. After a week I called to ask when I should start feeling some relief because I wasn't told that and my pain was worse than ever. It took them 2 days to call back and tell me to double my dosage. I did for 2 days and then the sleepiness was HORRIBLE! I lay down with my children to give them a nap and I was the only one who fell asleep!! I mean conked out and dreaming. And they are 2 and 3. NOT OK!! So I called them again yesterday morning and left a message saying I wanted to talk about my medication. I hear back at 5 til 5 and the assistant says the doctor wants me to double my dosage. Huh? How is that going to help? The assistant ASSUMED I was complaining the med wasn't working again and that is the message the doctor received. I explained to the assistant that wasn't why I was calling and she told me to just try it on the weekend or something when I had help. This makes NO sense to me since 20 mg had me falling asleep way too quickly and left me way too often. Not even an explanation as to whether or not the fatigue will pass. I guess she just didn't want to admit her mistake to the doctor. IDK.

What should I do now? I feel like such a pest calling again today. But I don't feel comfortable taking this medication and the only other option is to not take anything. I have for sure thought about going med free but I think I would at least TRY to see if something is going to help. I really like my doctor but I'm not crazy about her nurse. She didn't even call me about the 1st med increase I had to call them and ask if the doctor had made any recommendations. A different woman tells me "oh, the dr wanted you to start taking 2, didn't you get a call?"

What would you do?

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