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Just been back to see my GP this morning. I have rheumatoid arthritis and also another type of autoimmune arthritis.
But for the last 2 years i have had problems with Fatigue, nausea, dizziness, numbness and tingling, muscular aches and pains, i could go on.
The only pattern i have found is that i feel like this especially after i have a day of being particularly busy.
I have always put the symptoms down to the RA and my medications.
This week i have been feeling really strange, felt like passing out, ringing in ears, exhausted, sleeping through the day even after 10-12 hours in bed asleep, wake up with a hang over feeling, chronic cough, dry mouth etc
My Gp reckons now its CFS, although i am going to be having blood tests to rule out thyroid etc.
Ive had lots of other tests even a brain scan, seen a neuro doc and everything was normal.
So is this what everyone else kind of went thro and its been put down to CFS.
Are my symptoms typical? Anyone else with RA or similar autoimmune illness and also have CFS?
thank you

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