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Re: Annoyed with rheumy's office!!

Ha! yes, i did ask what you would do. And your answer is hilarious because that is exactly what my husband said we should do! Go into the office and say "since I can't get messages through to the doc the way I intended, I'm here to deliver them myself!"

Me, I'm not that tough. I have yet to call them because I am a chicken, lol.

And I did stop taking the med. The same day that I fell asleep on my poor babies! I was only taking it at night and I started on 10mg. I'm not sure if this is the lowest dose or not. But then a week later started taking 2 (20 mg). I was then instructed to take 50 mg when I called to tell them I didn't want to take it anymore. grrr... I didn't so much feel groggy, I mean I was a LITTLE more sleepy than normal but it was more that I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. A deep sleep. Before taking this medicine I was always aware of my children's every breath. On it, not so much.