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What type of MRI?


I have been having a dull pain in my shoulder: rotator cuff and biceptal tendonitis...not really bad pain, about a 3 on a 1-10.

I have been examining the thread in addition to other material and I'm wondering what type of MRI I should get. I know the doctor is to determine this, however, it takes two months to get to see this particular specialist and upon arrival I know they will simply say, "You need an MRI so see you on your next visit."...thus this week when I see my regular doc for my annual check-up I will ask for an MRI script....and have this MRI ready for the specialist.

I tried to speak with the specialist's PA to ask about the MRI, but no reply. I was able to speak with a sports therapist and the specialists secretary....I was told by them to get an MRI of the shoulder with and without contrast....but that's that all i need? Does this mean it's an arthogram...should I get that? I'm not holding anyone to what advice they give...just curious on what kinds of MRI's people have had for what I'm going through.... and hopefully I am a bit prepared for my visit when I show them the MRI.


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