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Re: Endometriosis HELP!! Is this what my daughter has?

Hi, I am so sorry for your daughter. I know how she feels. I just had a laproscopy surgery 3 weeks ago. I have stage 3 endometriosis (it's staged like cancer 1-4) I am 25 years old, and it sounds like how I was when I was your daughters age. It has become chronic for me now. I have endometriosis and a lot of scar tissue on my ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, colon, bladder, rectum, and pelvis. It can be a dull pain occasionally, but for me it is a constant sharp pain. The thing about endometriosis, it effects every women differently. There is Adenomyosis, which is endometriosis in the lining of the uterus. That could be the "up inside" pain your daughter in talking about. There is no cure for endometriosis, they don't even know the cause. It's a very painful disease to live with. I got the laproscopy surgery because I was fed up with the pain and it's nice to have a diagnosis, because for me, it was getting validated for all the pain I had and the years that I had to go through with it being undiagnosed. I am glad I had my mom by my side, just like your daughter has you. Its hard because doctors wouldn't take me seriously. I also had a low hormone IUD put in. I am still in the process of adjusting to it. I wish you and your daughter the best through your journey.