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I need strength!

I am typing from my phone so will try and keep this short and typo free

About a year ago I was prescribed Xanax and temazepam for anxiety and sleeping. At first I took them as prescribed but soon it turned into running out a week early, then two weeks early, etc. now it's down to days. It's like a binge for a few days then miserable til my next refill and on and on.

Finally after my last temazepam "binge" my husband confronted me and we both broke down in tears. There have been things like minor car accidents (no police, no one injured), saying and doing things I don't remember and so on. Honestly I'm lucky to still be alive.

Anyway it felt amazing to be open and honest with him and I feel so good right now. But of course my automatic refill for Xanax came up today and its sitting at the pharmacy as we speak. I can't bring myself to get it (yet) and don't want to but there's this little voice egging me on. I do not want to lie to my husband a I really feel so far that's what is keeping me away. Thankfully it's my last refill and I'm not going back for more.

I just need to stay strong.....

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