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Question Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?

I made this thread in hopes that I could get others results or finding from it. I started taking it yesterday. I slept well with it but woke with a sensation to head to the bathroom. I have read online that it can cause diarrhea. I did get a little diarrhea. But nothing bad. I have used ACV (apple cider vinegar) Before and it caused bad diarrhea. I stopped using the ACV and then found the Dandelion essence and started it. I wanted something to help with a lot of my problems I am having. I use to use Magnesium and it helped for 2 years. But now I have stomach problems and stopped using it.
My problems are: Heart palpitations,racing heart(when I do anything) acid in tummy that causes my Re-Flux to kick up,solid feeling in my head,Hot flashes,cold flashes, irritability,Panic attacks,burning stomach,memory loss,and so much more. I just can't remember them all.

When I started having my problems after being on magnesium,which were ,my head feeling like it was solid and if I bent my head upwards to look up while leaning and feel my pulse really hard in my head,and my eyes were blood shot all the time. I stopped taking magnesium cause I thought it should be after taking it for so long. Then new things started happening to me. I started getting heart pounding in chest all the time except when i was in bed in a resting position. I could be just walking to the bathroom and heart pounded hard. not fast just real hard. Then if I just walked around house folded clothes anything I couldn't do it cause it would pound so hard and wear me out like I ran a race. not fast just hard. Then panic attacks started out of the blue. I would be laughing with someone and bam a panic attack. I keep trying to find a cure for all I have but seems either no one has tried it yet or has no findings . I got desperate cause I am low income. Meaning I am broke as broke can get. even net will be off soon if I can't find something soon to help me be able to work again. So I am trying this Flower Essence Dandelion now. I used it last night and so far so good.

So far my Hot flashes aren't so bad, still got a few Palpitations,my bowels are so far the biggest thing that I have seen as a result from it. It helps with my panic I think. I at first placed a drop to test if I have an allergic to it and noticed it calmed my heart and tummy a bit. So when I felt a panic attack comeing on I placed another two drops on wrist. Then later felt a panic attack trying on me and placed two new drops on wrist. I started to think it was all in my head and thought I need to try it in my mouth now like it says. But was so scared to for not knowing what it would do. yes then causing a panic attack. I decided to do it and placed 1 drop on tongue. I got my nerve up to do it. lol yays for me. Well I started to see my panic go down. I then placed a second drop on tongue and sure enough I felt better. So later I tried it again after at least 4 hours. Then started getting a little sleepy. I laid my head down and fell asleep. I woke with a sweaty body. Which is normal to me. lol But then my tummy was saying "better get to the bathroom" .

I am now placing 4 drops of the essence into my glass of water. But this is the only thing I have seen to happen so far.. nerves calm down,tummy feels a little better,Hot flashes while I am awake aren't so bad (mild if anything), burping more,slept really good I know this is a new thing cause I haven't seen it on the threads yet. But if you have used it please let me know your results as well. ^.^ Thanks

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