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Re: i lost my mum suddenly

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom and I know there is no greater loss. I am so glad you are talking about it because I learned that seemed to help me more than anything else.

The only other thing I know is that it is going to take time to heal from this. If you have anyone else in your family you could go spend time with, I think that would help, too.

The boyfriend you mentioned may not be THE one for you. It is in times of extreme crisis that we get to know someone on a more real level. If he can't give you support after losing your mother, consider this very carefully. We truly see a persons true colors in times of loss.

I don't know you, but I do know how you feel. When my mom died, the family fell apart for awhile over the will. I fell apart from grief. It is sad that people are so caught up in their own pain that they become inconsiderate of others.

Try & make allowance for the fact that they also are grieving and not at their best. Hey, you are under one roof & not at each others throat; many people wouldn't even be able to do this much.