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Hi Marbeli,

I have PCOS as well and was put on Metformin. I am unable to tolerate this medication, even at the starting dose as I experience debilitation dizziness, which I hear is rare. In any case, I can't take it.

Try looking into something called D-Chiro Inositol. I am not affiliated, but have taken this supplement on my own and did see some positive results. It is fairly expensive, so you can also try MYO-Inositol if you would like. I have not tried MYO and am not sure where to get it but some women have also reported good feedback from it and it's far less expensive.

There are other supplements, like Vitex, but I have not tried those so I can't give much feedback. Look into alternative PCOS remedies and I am sure you can get a full list and much more detail.

Besides this, diet and exercise are key. Following a low GI or low carb diet works well for most women with PCOS and combining this with even moderate exercise (30 minute walk daily for example) can do wonders for your symptoms.

I hope this helps! I began looking into alternatives when metformin did not work out for me and this is what has helped most for me.

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