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Originally Posted by lisa789 View Post
i haven't had a thyroidectomy so cannto help you in that regard. (if nothing else at least this thread is bumped up again) how long has it been snce you had tt and what thyroid supplementation are you currently on?
As you might know, it's a matter of getting the thyroid levels at a good place in order to feel well and symptomfree again. How long that takes can be quite individual.

Hang in there
thanks for responding. This is a first for me on any site like this. Well i had tt. July 18 2012. I started 100mcg on august 1, 2012. Dose was increased to 125 mcg on september 3, 2012 then increased to 137mcg on october 2, 2012. I feel better than i did as far as energy and staying awake goes. But still not anywheres near how i should be. So hoping this dose level will do it for me. I start it tomorrow. The medication is called levothyroxin.
After using the 125 mcg dose for almost a month, taking at 7 am., i was seeming to feel better till around 11:00 am-12:00 noon. Then i would come crashing down fairly fast. Crashing as in my energy took a nose-dive. All i could do is sit and sleep. So is that normal as in how it affects you until the right dosage is found to level the hormones? I have read so much on this, but i can't seem to find this addressed. I have asked my endo, she says we have to find your correct level. I just am hoping it is not a standard scale, i want a personal level, that works for me. She never gave me a when, so i was kind of wondering if what i am going through is normal. Thank you all in advance. Hope to read what you all have to go through so i can compare. Thanks again lisa.