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Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation

oh my god I have never, ever had someone so closely echo my exact experience. It's almost a relief! When you said that you get so close to remembering whatever it is but you never quite get there - that is the EXACT same feeling I have! i also described it like a roller coaster feeling in my stomach and nausea, yet it's kind of pleasant and in fact I used to try to think of/remember things to bring on the feeling, but it would just happen when it wanted to. I had these in high school and I haven't had one since college I don't believe, and then when I was 22 I started having grand mal seizures and I've had four or five since (I'm 28). My neurologist said they were probably what's called simple partial seizures, and they frequently occur in temporal lobe epilepsy. Since it's such a strange experience, I never felt 100% positive that's what it was, but whatever it is, we definitely both have the exact same thing. Crazy. I always described it as "deja vu but times a thousand." Never met anyone who related in my life.

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