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Post Re: Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?

Well I'll keep you updated with my findings . But by no means does this mean I am a doctor of any kind lol I am just a lab rat for myself . lol

Okay like I said Yesterday I did well with the Dandelion essence.
I first used it on my wrist. testing if I was allergic and found I am not. 1 drop to wrist.
Then later I did 2 drops on same wrist and rubbed together like perfume.

Then a little later I did 2 more because I was feeling a panic attack coming on.
When I felt i needed to get some sleep I finally got the courage to place it in my mouth. Yes I am a scardy cat when it comes to trying something new without not finding anything online about it . lol So I placed it under my tongue 1 drop. then a few minutes later said what the heck and did 2. lol hey it says up to 4 . But like I said Im a chicken.

Well I slept great and woke up refreshed . I felt a pain in my bowels. ^.^ but is normal they said. It is basically a purifier of the body. It works cleaning your toxins out of your body.
Now the reason I started using it was for a few reasons.
all around health for one. lol
but mostly cause I am going threw some body problems like acids bad in tummy from Re-Flux and also a small pain in my tummy right between my belly button and my sternum. Just a small pinch feeling. I also have menopause. Was told about 4 or 5 years ago I was starting menopause. so pri? lol I am 43 now. Feb Ill be 44. anyways back to what I was talking about. I have hot flashes that run off even my dogs when i sleep or even if I just sit stand lol I also have a solid feeling in my head that gets tight and heavy. I have heart palpitations,racing heart beat to where sometimes causes panic attacks. I also get hard heavy kinds. My eyes are going faster than I thought they would. No headaches yet. (knock on wood) ,ringing in ears,breath feels labored like my lungs are heavy. aches and pains on body ..ect ect. ^.^

Well I just took two drops straight to tongue and the taste is a bit strong but thats the brandy they have to mix with it. Must not place the dropper against anything they said. Must stay pure and clean. So I do it to where it drops on to tongue. I read you should eat before you take it. But last night I didnt. could be why it went threw me when i woke up. But not in a bad way. It just felt like a cleaning and then I was fine. ^.^ I felt kind off and on good threw the day. But I didn't take it again until just now. But it says do it 4 drops at least up to 4 times a day. ^.^ I just worry about the fact it said online somewheres that it can make your sugar level drop. When I had to recently go to hospital the EMT took my blood by finger and told me it was a lil low. So not sure. Just hoping for the best . I have no money so :/ This is what I have to do.

ok now i felt a small panic but recovered fast. like no panic mode. Just the fact that I got a bit nervy in my tummy. But that could have been the effects it gives. Like a numbing of the tummy or something. Kinda like Kava Kava does. (which i tried really don't know about Kava Kava but does help with menopause.) I almost had another panic attack but was really because i was bent over and cut off my tummy from digesting. I also did some breathing because it helps the Solar plexus. Which for people with hiata hernia (sp) it is very helpful a doctor said. Is helps to relax it diaphragm to move back to where it should. I want to say I am a smoker as well. I am trying to quit but is very hard so I am using those Tarbar thing's .To cut back on the ciggs.

Okay thats it for now. I am only using 2 drops at a time if I do and not using a lot of it . So my findings may not be great as if someone did the 4 times a day. If you try or have tried it please let others know your findings. ^.^

I have tried many things for my palpitations but only Magnesium has only been the true thing that has worked for me. But had to get off of the pill version and am hoping to get some of the flakes and make a spray version for the skin so my tummy doesnt get over kill on pills. I have a sensitive tummy. So I have to be careful what I use in it. Ok that is all for now. <3 Have a wonderful day.