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Re: foot drop?

Medicare was involved with my first plastic brace as well. It all got so messed up with the order being forgotten, etc. I told the employee to forget the whole thing. So both my braces came from eBay at a much reduced cost to me. Medicare was going to charge me a co-pay of something like a hundred dollars for the hard plastic version. I paid forty dollars, gladly, off the internet. As I said, it was torture. Should have returned it. By then I didn't care about paying eighty dollars for the soft ankle brace.

Isn't that the truth, "day by day"? Thank goodness for the medication but would love the day to come when I needed none of it. When you're standing, does your foot hang limply? Or can you hold it straight? Are you doing any exercises for the foot? Much of my foot/ankle/calf area are numb. At first I couldn't stand for the area to be touched. Couldn't even use bed covers. At the six month mark this has improved greatly. We can only pray things do improve, no matter how slowly.