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Re: Am I going to DIE!!!???

You obviously do not have Fatal Insomnia. I used to think the same myself. One day I was sleeping just fine, and then I went to bed the night before work, and my mind raced and I simply looked at the clock every hour. I counted down til it was time for me to get out of bed, and ultimately, I did not sleep a wink that day. I know exactly how you feel my friend. That got my ball running, I had problems for a very long time. I would sleep solidly just to have a couple days where I get 0 to 4 hours a day for two or three days, but I learned it was my anxiety and worry about getting enough sleep that was keeping me up. I remember about a month into my sleeping problem, a friend of mine told me about that illness, and I reacted JUST like how you did. I read about it obsessively, watched the stuff National Geographic had about it. That even threw me into a deeper state of panic. That was over a year and half ago. Im still alive, and even though I still go through rough days where I do not sleep good. I know it's just my stress and anxiety. usually after a few days I'll go back to sleeping like normal.

Btw, if you are a light sleeper, like myself, then its always been normal for me to wake up a few times during sleep. I still feel fine and refreshed so I never worried too much about it. Also, FFI and SFI does other damage to your brain, I think you would know if you have it. It is related to the Mad Cow Disease. Your also more likely to win the lottery 5 times before you would spontaneously develop SFI. Also, you are NOT in the age range to come in contact with it. Fatal Insomnia typically affects people between 30 and 65. Also understand, only about 100 people have been affected by this illness.

If i was you, I would rule out Fatal Insomnia, I know once you start getting worried about something, it won't stop. Its like a song you just cannot get out of your head. I've been through your problems before my friend. And even though I will still deal with it from time to time. I've learned that isn't what Im going through. I'm sorry you gotta go through with this, I hope I've been helpful.