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Re: Nexium Acid Rebound

I have been very slowly weening off of Prevacid (2pills). I am currently at my last taper, Im taking 1/4 of a pill. I cut down 12 1/2% every 2 weeks. It has worked well, but at the 1/2 pill mark I started getting more reflux back. I started getting burning when lying down, which was never a symptom before I went on these meds, so Im assuming, for now, its rebound. I finally started adding pepcid 20mg before bedtime a few nights ago since Im basically down to 8 grains of the medicne. It really has helped. My dr said to stay on the pepcid for 2 weeks, then I will be completely off of the prevacid....then go to every other day pepcid for a few days then try nothing and see how I do. Hang in there, its a long process. There is also no way of knowing if you are going to need acid supression in the future. Gerd is a real disease and I am prepared after 3 months from completley taking no acid medicine if my symptoms return I will go back on something (probably pepcid to start). I took prevacid for 15 years and have low iron, low b12, low mag, and low vit d. So I had to try . I started my stepping down in June, so I took a long time to do it right. I tried 3 times in the past very unsuccessfully so I wanted to do it right this time. Good luck, and keep us posted.

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