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Re: For those that have successfully gotten off ppi's and had rebound

Hi, ive been successfully weening of my 15 year prevacid habit. I started in Early June by taking away 1/4 of my medicine every 2 weeks, and Im down to my last week. I took 2 pills a day so I was taking 12 1/2% away at a time. Now than Im down to 1/4 pill I feel some rebound so my dr had me start Pepcid 20mg an hour before bedtime.
The key was for me not to do another reduction unless I felt ok. There were a couple of times where I didnt step down after 2 weeks, I waited 3. I was very methodical about this.. I have failed 3 times before by going too fast. I have been very successfull so far and am hopeful I might be able to get through this!
Ask me in a month how Im doing because by then I will be completely off everything, even the pepcid.
The pepcid is very helpful. I didnt need it until a few days ago but Im at the end so the rebound is starting (mildly).
I was pretty meticulous about my diet, only drank water. Im a very clean eater in general so this has really helped me. I also have taken DGL licorice three times a day and recently started digest gold digestive enzymes wtih every meal and that is a huge help (im a slow digester). Try the enzymes and DGL...they cant hurt to try.
Good luck and you can do this! It is possible! I even did mine over 2 vacations!