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Gall Bladder ( laporoscopic) removed Sept 28 2012

i am 49 yrs and after months of discomfort and pain, i had my gall bladder removed.
i am fairly healthy with a history of gyneacological cancer '91, pnuemnonia one year later. ovarian surgery 2007.

i have had ongoing digestive disorders since my cancer. a naturopath helped me a couple of years ago by suggesting a gluten and yeast free diet, which helped greatly! i have been red meat free since i was 14, i only eat eggs, no other dairy or soy.

My gall bladder surgery was 4 days ago.

day one: woke up felt fine regarding the surgery, however oxygen levels were low and i needed to stay in over night. i also felt a lot of neasea for which i was given gravol. However i also discovered i had adhesions from prior sugeries so my operation was twice longer then expected. surgery was at 12noon. i was moved to a ward at 8.45pm. had a piece of toast and 2 small cups of tea. no incidences

day two: after some off and on sleep, got up for a walk at about 4.30am. felt not too bad. small sips of water and pain killers. when osxgen levels finaly got up to over 92 i was allowed to go home at 4pm :-)

day three: feeling pretty good. spent a restful day, small snacks of toast and cups of tea. pain killers still being taken every 4 hrs.

day four: feeling good. showered, dishes done, small light load of laundry. picked up by a friend, went to the home office i work out of for a meeting and a visit. they had set the couch up for me as a day bed etc. i work in health care and they are all nurses so i knew i was in good hands.

not a good night last night!!! had a piece of fish ( small) mashed potato and peas. ...later had a very small bowl of soup and ice cream!
a couple of hrs later...felt very sick.....and a little disoriented. started vomiting......took some gravol and slept till 7.30am. i should not have had so much to eat..and esp the ice cream!!!

day five: I have woken feeling not too bad. Had a piece of toast and now trying some tea. A little scared to eat anything to be truthful.

i hope this is helpful in some way to others. i have read other peoples posts and other forums and it seems to me we are all different and there is no norm for this procedures recovery. i wish every one well and best wishes for good health.....

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