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Active Young People Who Have Had A Hip Replacement

I had a hip replacement 8 weeks ago and am trying to find other young people who have also had this surgery. I'm in my late 20's and was extremely active prior to the deterioration of my hip. Initially, my physicians thought I had a torn labrum and I had surgery in December. However, during the procedure my physician found the problem was far worse and it was determined that I needed a hip replacement. Three days before my December surgery I ran 10 miles and I led an extremely active lifestyle (weight classes three to four times a week, long-distance running on the weekends, spinning classes, TRX, etc). Exercise did not cause the necrosis, my left femur simply died. I still exercise everyday, but I am severely limited. I can do the elliptical, but only on the lowest setting and as of a few days ago I could ride a bike; however, recently the muscles around my hip started to hurt and pinch when I walk up and down the stairs and I can no longer ride a bike.

I've been in physical therapy for the past 4 weeks and because of my age and activity level, I've recovered very fast. I've read a few of the other blogs from people who are months post-op and still walking with aids. I'm walking around on my own and am very mobile, but am having setbacks in terms of getting back to my prior activity level. I realize it takes a lot of time and that I may never return to where I was (I know I cannot run again), but how much time? Also, please consider that I am in my late 20's, thus the recovery time is different.

The resurgence of pain concerns me because my post-surgery activity level is minimal and not exercising is not an option for me. Please do not respond that the exercise has exacerbated the problem. I am working closely with my doctor and physical therapists and this is not the case. Also, as I previously said, my activity level was very basic. If I were to cut back on the exercise then I wouldn't be exercising at all.

If you are young and active and have had this surgery please let me know of your recovery time and how soon you were able to get back to exercising. Exercise is the best part of my day, it is what I look forward to and not being able to exercise has been the hardest part of this entire procedure. Also, when I say "exercise" I am referring to more than walking or basic yoga. If this applies to you, when were you able to bike long distances again, take spinning classes, group exercise classes, and so on? Additionally, if, like me, you have struggled with the inability to exercise because of this surgery, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for any advice you can provide. Good luck with your own recovery.

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