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Re: My fecal incontenence

Originally Posted by Suffering in OH View Post
I suffer from fecal incontenence and it is so scary. I'm scared to go places and afraid that even if I'm wearing pads/diapers the smell will be evident. How does anyone deal with that issue? There is a new procedure called Interstim but has restrictions and seems pretty invasive to me. They insert basically a pacemaker in your back side and you carry this device around. Sounds too complicated for me and not sure Medicare will pay for it. I feel so alone since no one else I know has this. I feel so much better on these forums because I know I'm not alone. Mine was caused by birthing two big babies and constant constipation all my life. Once again, even wearing a diaper would cause odor -- is there tips on this?
Hi, You should consult with a board certified colorectal surgeon. I also had a bad tear during child birth and have similar issues. I have choosen to wait for a repair due to my son being so young. The Interstim device is showing positive results for fecal incontinence. From what I heard they do a trial first for a couple of weeks, you were it externally. If you show positive results they then place the Interstim device internally. I spoke with some of the ladies on this board who had this device and they were very happy with the results. Your definitley not alone, so many women suffer in silence. I wish you all the best!