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Re: Helping someone with Parkinson's

It's great that you're volunteering/working/helping someone going thru this disease. My dad has parkinson's with dementia, which is what it sounds like this lady is going through. He can no longer speak..only single words now & then and this takes a while to get out and he usually looses his train of thought before he can. The parkinson's will limit/eliminate the use of muscles, including those used to speak. The dementia part will eliminate the ability to process thoughts or form them, invariably before they can remember what they were trying to say.My dad is in the late stages I think..he cannot walk/talk/bearly get food to his mouth by himself. I don't know myself what to do when visiting him..but I think he likes the company. As for your lady, maybe just telling her stories of what you did or like to do instead of getting her to tell you something. Yes/no or single word answer questiions are best if dementia has set in and you want to get her to respond. As for being too much - I think she would be able to let know if she is getting frustrated or not.
I relate more to Alzheimers/dementia message board now....this is where I find the most information relating to where my dad is now.
Not sure how this helps you...but if she has the beginnings of dementia(there are a lot of different labels for this) you will benfit from that message board.