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Re: Low ferritin not responding supplements

Try switching the type of iron you take. Polysaccharide iron and carbonyl iron are very well tolerated and absorbed, but not what doctors usually prescribe. You can order either online. Walgreens carries something called Bifera which alot of people have luck with. It is a polysaccharide iron combined with heme iron. Heme is the kind of iron you get with eating red meat. CVS carries Sundown's Perfect Iron which is carbonyl. You can order either off the internet too. Proferrin, though an expensive option, is just pure heme iron. Steak in a pill. I'd try carbonyl first. No sense spending the money for the top shelf stuff if you don't have to. And 25mg of carbonyl is 25 of elemental iron. I'd start with 100mg a day taken with 800mg of vitamin C and see where that gets you.