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Re: First GI appointment-Pleae advise

It sounds as though you have what I have and that's gerd (gastro esophagial reflux disease), you did mention that they saw that in the upper GI series. You'd be surprised at how uncomfortable this can make you feel. All the symptoms you've mentioned sound as if it's what you have. The fact that you've had it for months tells me that it isn't just the odd episode of acid reflux that some people get. Mine is now chronic and I'm on Nexium twice a day as it's become worse over a ten year period of time. I wouldn't worry about anything sinister showing up on your ultra sound, but good that you're getting one done for peace of mind. I hope you feel better soon and maybe your doctor will recommend trying some medication to get your reflux under control. The acid that washes around and into your esoplagus can make you feel really lousy. I'm no doctor, but I'm wondering if, in the mean time if it might help to take some Gaviscon before going to bed, I say this because after laying down at night, that's when the acid comes up and irritates your stomach and esophagus, the Gaviscon will coat your stomach and keep it from causing to much irritation and damage. I'm also due to get an ultra sound as well, good luck with yours.