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Re: Heading in the right direction?

Do the detox baths work well for you? Do you notice any difference with the brain fog and dizziness and how often should i do them a week, Also do you ever herx more after the baths. My LLD is not to convinced about the ionic foot baths. I have tried the regular bath with the epson salt and HP one but just for about 10 minutes as I have heard the you can herx from detox baths as well. Fog seems to be getting thicker day by day as well as lightheaded disconnected feeling. I think i have the major yeast problem to as when i started the Nyastatin about 4 days later the fog intensified but also was eating raw garlic, taking apple cider vinegar 3 times ,a day plus coconut oil which i see yeast die off is no walk in the park either or who knows whats dying off in there but I feel somethings happening.probably a bit too much to start off with at first with all the stuff combined but i quickly learned this is a marathon not a sprint. Sorry so many questions you seem to have rode this gauntlet for a while so figured i would ask Thanks for any input I feel your pain on the dizziness and brain fog though!! It is Horrible!!