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Post Re: Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?

Hello to all that have been reading. I do hope this is helpful. Well last night was great to a point. After I wrote about my two drops on tongue I then left for the night and after doing so . I sat there in bed and was talking to a friend online. I started to feel a little strange in my left breast. It had a small ting. Like an ache. I shrugged it off and then had another one. I got to thinking about what it said for women. How it can help with menopause . I found some wheres that it helps with lactation. Now guys it was meaning for women. ^.^ But after awhile the ache went away. I sat up and burped loud. I so was not expecting that and neither was my friend. ^.^ But felt better. I am or use to be the type that felt it wasn't lady like to burp in front of anyone. So never did and held it in until I was out of eye and ear shot and then burped. But never have I burped that loud. But now I have a new found thought about lady like. lol I will if I feel it makes me feel better. ^.~

Okay after that I was up all night talking and lost all track of time. Before I knew it ,it was 5 am.^.^ I told the friend I needed to get some sleep. By the time I did get sleep it was closer to 9 am. ^.^ yes 4 hours later. But whole time i was sleepy and yawned a lot but guess I was feeling so much better I just stayed up longer. So that should show you how well it made me feel. The Flower Essence of Dandelion that is. Well one thing I forgot to mention and is cause I am very shy about talking about my BM. But this stuff does make you need to get to a bathroom in the mornings. This morning not so much. But I think it is cause after the two drops last night I went to the bathroom and had a BM. The stool is on the greenish yellow side. Which I found to be normal for this Dandelion being used. It is basically cleaning all those toxins in your liver and Gallbladder and spleen and intestines. Purifies the blood as well.
Lets just say I feel so much better since I have been taking this. It gives me a few worrying things that make my panic mode want to kick in but I am doing good to stay calm. It helped my stomach to calm down and not kick up to do tummy breathing. Never realized it is a good thing to learn to breath from your belly than you chest. lol Well after the BM I felt much better but then when my tummy got empty and cleared out from food it started up with the acids. I then drank water but didn't help the acids. So I had a few baked chips and that did ok and later I finally fell asleep. I was told that I was snoring. ^.^ finally I slept so hard and so good that I snored. ^.^ When I woke I felt refreshed to a point. Yep the morning BM time. Well I didnt have as much come out as usual. and less liquid in form. It was a bit thicker. (again sorry) After I was done. Lordy I felt so good all around. I had more energy and felt happy. I wanted to clean my whole house. But my body can't get up and do that yet. I have to take it easy until my heart gets right. All in all...
I toke about tops 6 drops total yesterday. 4 in water and 2 by mouth on tongue. Straight is harder in my mind and is why is caused a few problems. I noticed when I place it in my water I do well. 4 drops is your basic amount to take but like I said I only use 2 at a time on tongue but the glass of water dilutes it for me.
Please check with your Healthcare provider before starting anything . I unfortunately do not have that choice seeing how I am with no income. My bills are paid by someone else. So :/ yeah. now today I have not used any of the Dandelion Flower Essence which I am about to use in my water this time. If I feel a serious panic coming on I don't think I can handle? I will use 4 drops on my tongue like it says. It is suppose to help as a relaxer as well as all the other things it does. ^.^ I will try and keep all information I get, posted . Now time to get those drops in my water. ^.~ Have a great day.

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