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Re: Heading in the right direction?

No i am currently on short term disability due do not being able to function i hope i am going do be able to go back in a few months but it scares me to see how long this road to recovery is. I have never heard of the full moon herx that is very interesting. I am only on one Abx right now the Ceftin 500 x 2 plus all the other stuff i backed of for a while this is my first run at this so really dont know what to expect from day to day. So your brain fog went away and came back ten months later or was always there or had subsided altogether for a while. What other Abx were you on before this round and did see difference on one over the other or just trial and error. So many questions and feels better to know other people that have gone through this battle. Its kinda hard to get alot of feedback from this board everyone is busy fighting there lyme war or just buzy i guess. I really appreciate you taking your time to answer my questions.