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Anyone else had this happen?

So, this is the first time this has happened to me that I remember. I have been sleeping really oddly for the past few weeks. I'll fall asleep between 12 and 3 am, sleep for 2 - 4 hours, be up till 12 - 2, then sleep for a couple more hours - repeat. Today, I fell asleep at 2, and then woke up at 7. That's the longest I've slept straight in a loooong time. But when I woke up I was super dizzy/wobbly. The muscles at the back of my neck are really tight too, which could be causing the issues. Or my sinus' that have been acting up for awhile too...But, I of course worried about stroke because I am on birth control and haven't been active. Everything feels fine, no weakness, no headache that is out of the ordinary, my pupils are the same size, my heart rate is steady (and my blood pressure feels okay), etc. It's still weirding me out though. Have a heating pad on my neck and it helps a little, but still get the odd "wobbly" feeling when I move my head around.
Anyone else have this happen? And if so how did you make it go away?
Heart Rhythm Issues
Possible CFS
Possible IBS

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