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Re: What is the science behind Pap Smear screening guidelines?

Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
From statistics I have read, about 70% of cervical cancer world wide is caused by HPV. The remaining 30% is caused by other things. I think it behooves one to determine which group you may be in.
It's now quite clear cervical cancer is linked with's the starting point, so if you're HPV negative you have nothing to fear from cervical cancer. The evidence is so clear Dutch women who are HPV negative and that's about 95% of those aged 30 and older will not be offered pap testing under their new program. Other countries like Finland are also now looking at HPV primary testing and of course, self-testing is possible and reliable and being used in several countries. (Singapore, Italy, Malaysia, UK and others)
Of course, being HPV+ does not mean you'll get cervical cancer, most women will clear the virus within a year or two, but it's this small percentage of women who are at risk and may benefit from a 5 yearly pap test until they clear the virus. HPV negative women cannot benefit from pap testing, they just accept risk...that's why women should pressure the govt and profession for access to HPV PRIMARY testing and self-testing options...population pap testing is great for profits, but a lousy deal for women. Using pap testing AND HPV testing on all women (currently being done in the States) is excessive, unhelpful and unnecessary and just leads to lots of potentially harmful over-treatment and over-investigation.
You'll find real information in countries like the Netherlands and Finland that practice evidence based medicine, unfortunately, women's cancer screening in many countries, including Australia and the States, is heavily influenced by vested ($$$) and political interests and often well-meaning, but misguided, pressure and gender groups who think more is better, it's's harmful.

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