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Re: Acid reflux or something else?

Hi Glove, I have had stomach burning / chest / throat. Also felt like no matter how much I tried to clear the throat it just didn't quite happen....some soreness, something stuck kind of feeling. Chili exaggerated the stomach burning. I for the fear of what might happen didn't try sodas but even the antiacid (Eno) that has some fizz seems to fill me up uncomfortably which indicates what soda might bring! I too didn't have much pain in the stomach. Discomfort like you are just filled from the inside was there and bloating. Do you have bloating? When these symptoms were severe I felt something was wrong with my bladder. I'm actually a GERD / IBS sufferer currently on treatment. I too thought that I was going to have a urine infection and kept drinking loads of water to try and clear out what it might be. Took about 3 days but continuous drinking of water (re hydration salts since I had diarrhea at the time) cleared it out. It felt like a sharp vertical pain to the mid / left side of the bladder. The pain came just before you'd want to use the bathroom but NO PAIN while passing urine. I too had very yellow stools due to the gastritis / ibs issue at the time. This I believe is bile. It also had a mucus like substance (it is yuck but I thought I'll say anyways as it might help you!) ;-) Blood is something you should speak to the doctor about definitely. But having said that, I wouldn't worry too much about it because sometimes having bowel movements 'scratches' the internals / externals a little and you'd see a tiny bit of blood. But then again, this is something you need to be sure of. The acidity might just be causing this temporarily but I'm not sure about that. I didn't experience it but I have had some blood (tiny bits on tissue) due to the 'scrapping' effect I mentioned time to time and that has been there for like over a decade and nothing really happened. Stomach acid does things that are like totally weird and even if you are not having anything else other than just lots of acid, these urine infection type symptoms can also appear. My guess is that you have just excess acid and some symptoms of gastritis....just a wide wide guess, I'm not a medically trained doctor so that's why. Just based on what I experienced and particularly because your meds seem to be relieving some of the symptoms. I wouldn't worry....let us know what you checked out with. Good luck!!