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Re: Wisdom teeth extracted, now pain when drinking water

I feel pain even during the night but when I bite on it , it feels better.

However I can't eat on the sites of extraction still, nvr experience such even with my previous wisdom tooth removal. This is just abnormal to me.

I tried chewing something soft on the left site which I got my wisdom tooth extracted, even the molars are in pain.

It is not the wisdom tooth area that's in pain but the molar instead.

What abt yours? Are they the wisdom tooth extraction area that is pain or the whole row of the site? I tried knocking on it to find out the exact tooth which is in pain, it is the last and 2nd last molar tooth that are giving me the pain. Hmm... I wonder why?

Im going for chiropractic treatment today hopefully the chiropractor could help bcz I think I got this toothache pain feeling ever since the other chirpractor messed me up!

Maybe it's the nerves that's causing me the pain.. Hopefully ... I guess I need to go for check up too, as my dentist didn't ask me to do a follow up though he told his nurse to call me to check on my condition..