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Chest pain

I'm 30, m, 130 lbs.
for the past 2 years I've had week long episodes where I have chest pain on the left side and difficulty breathing. There is also abdominal distension. This comes and goes though.

I had some digestive issues in the past which included h. pylori. I take a slew of supplements though and think I corrected this problem. However, I still get chest pain and the other aforementioned symptoms.

Does anyone think this is a heart issue? Hiatal hernia sounds closest. My pulse is usually normal though and I have exercised vigorously. Sometimes exercise compounds the problem, sometimes it has no effect. Sometimes a large meal will trigger symptoms, sometimes it's anxiety. It feels like something is putting pressure on my heart, so I believe it's mechanical.

I don't have insurance so I am trying to figure this out on my own. I almost sought chiropractic help but if it's not a hiatal hernia I might do more harm than good. Is there one diagnostic test that could rule out (or accurately diagnose) a heart issue and/or hiatal hernia in one shot? Thanks for any help. I can spend the money for care but I don't wanna go in circles.

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