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Re: Scared to death.. complex ovarian cyst with elevated CA125

Thanks. That makes sense. I actually am going to see my gynecologist/his partner at 1:15 today so thankfully it's sooner than tomorrow. This is just so weird to me because the ultrasound report and cat scan report didn't seem serious yet that CA125 is totally elevated. I also still have not felt well.. whatever happened to me Sunday was terrible. Severe pains. I think you are right, something ruptured or leaked. I couldn't sit or lie down properly without severe pain. When I walked I had to hold my abdominal area, it hurt so badly. Tuesday that horrible pain lifted but I'm still now left with severe gas pains that come and go, major water diarrhea (no idea why that's happening) and an achy feeling in the abdominal area. I wonder if this acute process is what caused the rise in the CA125? I also keep reading that ovarian cancer is the "silent killer" so typically you do not have acute situations like this one. I just want to know what's going on, I'm so depressed over this.

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