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Mid back pain

I doing some front squats a few weeks back when I felt a sharp stab in the middle of my back near or around the lower most part of my left Trapezius. I thought it was just a pulled muscle so I iced it and took it easy for about a week but it didn't get any better. This was 3 1/2 weeks ago and since then the pain feels exactly the same as it did before but now I also get an occasional pain that wraps around my left rib cage. I'm fine as long as I'm standing up right and moving around but the pain really flairs up when I either bend my neck down towards my chest, arch my upper back while slightly bending at the waist, but the pain really flairs up when I bend my neck down while arching my upper back. If I hold that position for a few seconds then I get a numb shocking feeling that wraps around my rib cage and stops at my top left abdominal muscle as well as getting the original pain in my lower Trapezius. I don't know if I'm just having a muscle spasm in my Trapezius that is pushing on a nerve which is causing the numbness, or something like a shifted rib, or even something more severe like a herniated disc. I'm thinking about going to the chiropractor this next week (hes a reputable one who has helped my girlfriend A LOT who had a lot of spinal conditions caused by years of gymnastics and a few car accidents) to see what he has to say. Any help I can get in the mean time would be greatly appreciated.

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