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Re: "Brain fog"

Hey everyone, just wanted to update you on the endo test results. Unfortunately, nothing really showed up. Slightly elevated folic acid and bilirubin, but that's it. My doctor says my thyroid levels (i.e., free T3) were a bit on the low end of "normal", so he wants to supplement with some thyroid medication he's ordering from some company that'll ship them to me. Plus Vitamin D3 supplements...I'm not sure why. I can't help but raise an eyebrow at this treatment regimen, but I'm willing to try. Endocrinology has long been a tricky area to study because we know too little about how everything works to determine what "normal" is. So, though the established reference range for free T3 is from 1.80-4.20 pg/mL, my doctor says I might feel better at a higher level than what it was when we tested (4.16). It'll be another week before I get the supplements, and then probably at least a week before I start noticing their effect. I'll make sure to let you guys know what happens.

My endo only talked to me about five minutes, and that whole time he was talking to me out of the side of his mouth as he filled out my chart (stuff you should do after seeing the patient, but what does medical school know about patient care?). I quite literally had to put my hand on his shoulder to get his attention when I wanted to ask a question like "Have you ever heard of my symptoms before? Given what I've told you, what do you think might be going on?". His answers were No and I'm not sure, maybe your body temperature is too low?

So, the search goes on, I guess. Trying to keep my head up though!

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