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Re: TMJ Syndrome Questions

Hi, I understand how you feel. TMJ umforunatly doesnt go away, but the symptoms do. Have you taken any injections? I went to an oral surgeon and they will give you an injection. If they dont work then they will probably put you through a arthroplasty surgery. Just had mine on monday. It all depends on the MRI results they shouldve done to you. For me my disc was out of place. Best thing to do to decrease the pain is to take motrin. Also for ear pain, the motrin should help, if not put a warm cloth over your ears. Dizziness is only from your ear being in pain, its causeing your equilibrium to be off balance. Try your best to not eat any steak, pork and anything like that. Before i had my surgery i only ate chicken. Look up "Tmj Arthroplasty surgery" . And contact your oral surgeon asap. The pain does get worse if it isnt treated in the right way.