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I messed up and not sure what to do?

First of all I have severe Neuropathy that affects my feet, legs, hands, arms, hips, chest and now in my bladder. I also suffer from sometimes severe flank pain. Dr's say the kidneys are fine and that the Neuropathy more than likely is moving into that area. In 2011 I started seeing a Pain Management Dr. and he put me on 7.5/325 Hydrocodone 6x a day and 800mg Gabapentin 4x a day. In the time that I was seen at this clinic, my pills started coming up missing. I would run short almost every month. Sometimes my pill were just plain gone???? I was at an appointment and the Dr. came in didn't say hi just said who is ??????;;;;;;???????. and I replied he is my brother, why? Well he has been red flagged and it could pose a problem with you because your names are so close. Anyway about two months later someone stole a 300lb safe out of my house that contained my pills. Needless to say the Pain Management clinic dropped me. I went to my PCP and she said that she would take over my pain management. She handed me a contract and said it is identical to the one I had with the pain management clinic. So for the last 3-months she has been handeling it. I was injured on the job and sprained my rotator cuff. They gave me a little bit stronger pill. When I was with the PM clinic if I was to receive medication from another Dr. I was to call and let them know. So since it was the same contract, I called my PCP and let them know that I was injured and what they gave me. All was well. I currently am not under workers comp care anymore. So about 3-weeks ago I woke up with extreme pain in my groin. I mean like somebody took a baseball bat and hit me between the legs. I did not want to go to my PCP for one it's a she and it was a little embarrasing. So I went to an Urgent care clinic. They diagnosed me with Epididymitis. For you that don't know what that is, it is an infection basically in the testicular region and it is very painful. I told them I was already taking Hydro and it wasn't working. They gave me percocet and Cipro. I called my PCP and informed them of the diagnosis and medication. About 5-days later. The pain was too much and I was on the other side of town. So I went to another Urgent care facility. Which was the same clinic, but just on the West side. They seen in my file that I seen dr. so and so and what his diagnosis was. They gave me a shot of an antibiotic and I had a ultra sound done. She gave me a little bit stronger percocet, and once again I called the PCP and informed them. About a week later I was still having alot of discomfort. I went back to the original urgent care clinic and was given Levoquin and a stronger Hydrocodone. I called the PCP and informed them. Next thing I know I get a call from my PCP saying I have breached the contract because I received pills from another dr. I have been red flagged. Even though they said the contracts were the same. I did what I was supposed to, and now it's all against me. Anyway, they are no longer going to handle my pain management. I am pretty much SOL on this. I have been wanting to find different things to help with this Neuropathy. I heard a person can get the nerves "deadend"? I am addicted now to these pills, and I want off them, but am in pain all the time. I am thinking about going to a Methadone clinic to help get off the pills and hopefully at the same time will have pain relief. Is there anything else I can do? I really need help with this. When I am in pain, my glucose levels get hight and sometimes too high and I end up in the hospital. If your a diabetic and your blood gets high, it feels like my body is on fire and cramping and they give me IV pain medication. Anyway it is just a viscious circle. Any ideas of what I can do?

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