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Angry The Accessory Navicular strikes back.

I have been walking around in pain for nearly 20 years- since I was 10 years old and I rolled my ankle in gym class. I hobbled home, and my parents told me to walk it off. So I did. I danced through the pain, I cheered through the was much easier to tolerate as a younger person. I changed how I walked putting all of my weight onto the outside of my foot, because if I didn't, it felt (and still feels) like my arch will just snap and fall.
10 years ago, I went to a podiatrist, they took x-rays, told me I have an accessory navicular which is also cracked. His treatment: hand me a pair of orthotics and sent me on my way- left me feeling that my pain wasn't a big deal and that I should, just like my parents said "walk it off." Okay....
So now here I am 10 years later, still in pain, and even worse pain from walking differently. Not only have I quit doing all of the activities I love because of the pain, I still feel like that if I go to a doctor, they are going to tell me its not a big deal. I've read all the threads on here regarding accessory navicular surgery and treatment, and all the symptoms sound very familiar to what experience daily...
Am I crazy? I suppose I need someone to justify my pain as real. Because no one seems to believe me. This accessory navicular crap is really painful, and I suppose I just need to know that I'm not alone in this. And that I want to have it taken care of so I don't deal with it for the next 20 years whilst sitting around getting fat because it hurts to do much else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to me rant, I am extremely frustrated and depressed about this. I'm seeing a new podiatrist on Monday and I hope he can help!!!!

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