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Re: foot drop?

Wow .. what a day this has been. Had my appt. with the neurologist. Nothing new to report but kind of depressing. He said the brace is doing what it was intended for. he told me to not get depressed (ha) and to start doing exercises on my foot and ankle until I can get referred to a physical therapist. He said it's going to take a long long time for my condition to correct itself and there is a chance it won't get better at all !! He already did the nerve conduction studies and EMG testing a few months back which showed no response at all ... totally dead !! He gave me a new RX for 600 mg of Gabapentin which I will not take since they are like horse pills and I'm happy with the 400 mg in a capsule form. He told me I need to get off the Lortab .. not good for people he says ... Whatever!!
When I was there last month he ordered a ton of lab work. I thought that was pretty unusual and what bearing it would have on nerve damage... Well, in my case anytime anything is done it's like opening up a new can of worms and in this case that's exactly what happened. He told me I tested Positive for Lupus... Great!! he said that didn't mean I actually have Lupus but I need to go see a rheumatologist... It just never seems to end for me. Boo Hoo... Come join my pity party!

I am 68 yrs old .. it just seems like the older you get the more you have to deal with and these are the golden years ???

So, this visit today really didn't do much for me in the way of getting help .. it's just a wait it out situation .. He said I don't need to see a neuro-surgeon. Again he said my problem is from my back... He refuses to believe my problem is from when my primary doctor pinched that nerve in the back of my knee .. Of course all doctors stick together and no way is he going to tell me that it's a possibility the nerve pinching caused my problem.

So, that's where I am right now ..No better no worse but want to get on with my life on 2 stable feet on the ground without a cane or walker or ugly brace on my leg...

He didn't say I needed to have a followup visit so I guess that's it ...

thanks for sharing ...