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Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work

My appointment is Monday so I will update again after I find out what my doctor is considering.

I would like some opinions though on the health of my nails if anyone has any knowledge on the subject.

I have what appears to be Terry's nails (or Lindsay's nails.. they both look the same to me so I can't decide which ones my nails resemble more) which is mainly linked to Hep C and Cirrhosis of the liver but my liver labs were great, and I know I do not have Hep C. Hyperthyroidism and malnutrition are also linked to Terry's Nails... so the fact that I have symptoms of a thyroid issue despite my "normal" results, it falls in line with the health of my nails if it turns out I do have Terry's nails.

I have dents in some of my nails, and my moons have all but disappeared.

I also suspect that I have mild Onycholysis, because some of my nails are starting to separate at the corners.

Here is a pic:

Thanks for reading