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Caregiver Woes

Short of installing a "nanny cam," and I'm about to do that, how can one be sure your loved one is getting good care while with hired caregivers? We've been through the private ones (unreliable, show up or don't, a couple lied, and one stole), then went with agencies where they're at least bonded, screened, and insured. I instinctively trust the one on weekends but, unfortunately, she's only very part-time (also works a full-time job and attends nursing school); the M-F girl who stays with Mom while I work has, so far, kept her alive (she's still kicking when I get back), not dropped her (she requires assists from bed to potty to chair, etc.), kept her clean and infection-free (she's a CNA who "bed-bathes" Mom), and I figure I'm ahead of the game there. But little things bother me, and I feel she's giving just the bare physical care and that's not good enough. She speaks in a loud "Valley Girl" accent (is in her 20s), which I find irritating and I think Mom does, too; calls Mom "honey" (wish I'd nipped that in the bud; seems too late now); I sometimes find the guest bed rumpled, like someone's napped in it (not Mom, who does sleep much of the day, but in her OWN bed); I know she steps outside for smokes (didn't know when she was hired, but apparently the agency allows this), etc. I sometimes come home and notice later that Mom's hair doesn't look brushed or face washed, but I can't be sure. Any time I've confronted the girl, she of course defends herself, and Mom doesn't remember (!). I ask Mom if she likes her or wants me to get someone else, and she replies, "She's okay." Whereas when I ask about the other one, she replies, "I like her; she's nice!" However, we've been through about a dozen already, and I firmly believe that anyone else will only be worse, LOL. At least this one has provided adequate care, apparently. Should I risk a search or make do?

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