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Re: Understanding my dads blood test results.

hmm thats weird. I just used a mmol/L to mg/dl conversion calculator thing. Did I work them out wrong?

Anyway, I really appreciate the response. But you agree right? tweakin seems more suitable than wacking him straight on statins? They're not that bad?

The doc never mentioned his HDL. He just said that his LDL was too high, but would you say by looking at it that if he increased his HDL intake the additional HDL should slowly remove the LDL?

As far as I gather from reading up on statins, they just suppress production of LDL. But wouldnt the far healthier suggestion by a doctor be to increase good cholesterol instead of taking meds with loads of side effects and horror stories to stop the LDL?

He's really freaked out and scared to eat. He quit smoking 9 months ago. He quit drinking 6 months ago. He went on a very very low cholesterol diet. How likely is it that his cutting out ALL high cholesterol foods did this, because he didnt realise that high 'good' cholesterol foods would be beneficial?

This whole business is new to me and Im finding it all quite complicated. Im slowly getting my head around it. Its just a shame that the doctor scared my dad by only mentioning 'high cholesterol' and not mentioning its more likely a lack of good cholesterol.

He's in no immediate danger though is he? He's kinda scared to exercise incase he induces a heart attack. This is mostly because not even the doctor seems to know anything other than reading out the total serum cholesterol.