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Re: Knee replacement with epidural or spinal what was it like?

Hello cejayb,
Many thanks for your reply which is most helpful. It sounds like the spinal with sedation went very well for you and helped post op. I always am very sick after operations and have been told that most knee replacements are done this way as it helps with sickness, drowsiness and can even help guard against blood clots. You are only 10 days post op how are you feeling? Is the pain really bad or is it bearable. Im so nervous of what is to come l have had lots of surgery from the age of 10yrs much of which went wrong and as both knees need re-placing its going to be hard going l think as when l get over the right one l will be having the left one done.
It really helps to get as much help and advice as possible and l have found the boards great.
Thank you once again for your reply it is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes
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