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Re: I am in my late 30's and I have Cerebral Palsy. Is it possible for it to get wors

honestly the only advice i have to give is to make sure to get scans of the hips and back and any other bone areas. the biggest thing ive had to deal with is i didnt think that not having great right side use would hinder my left side in the long run. i didnt know there was going to be more wear and tear at a younger age. being born in the 80s CP was still thought as whats done is done. no one told me that the aging process could be bothersome to say the least. now im getting into pain mangement my physical activity has decreased im in texas and dont really know people and im scared to death of the long run. i think about my son and my wife. because of all the physical activity i engaged in in college my thoracic spine is pressing on my spinal cord and if it gets worse ive told that my legs could be immobile. my lower back is shifting and i have arthritis. ive been through the ER too many times to count because i always seem to fall or because im uninsured my pain level is so bad i just need some relief. now im scared that when i see this pain management doctor im going to get tossed aside like some drug seeker. i just want my life back and it took me so long to get medical care.. im sorry im just having a really bad day and as much as i love my wife she doesnt understand CP i know she tries but she just feels bad for me.
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