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Re: foot drop?

Got a phone call this afternoon that my "new" brace had arrived via UPS. I rush there ... Oh dear .. Since the bar is now in the back instead of on the side it is almost impossible to get my foot into it. the tech had to literally take his hands and bend my foot into it because since I have no feeling in the foot I couldn't help in any way. I had wishful thinking once I got home and worked witih this thing I could possibly use other shoes with it ... Nada!! Plus it hurts with burning and tingling of the soles of the foot since there is absolutly no support at all. I cannot put anything in it to cushion because it then makes the shoe fit much tighter and hurts worse. So I am afraid this is going to have to go back and get my copay back and I am not looking forward to this because I fear a real hassle. I'll get one off eBay like you did or have the physical therapy place get me one ... Oh such problems...

I already fell from this drop foot going into the chiro's office ... Broke a bone in my foot .. should be totally healed by now. As for these doctors sticking together .. it's so typical. But in his heart I know my primary knows what he did but can't explain why he did it and what purpose it would serve...

Well, you have a good weekend .. I'm gonna try ...

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Aww heck, I know the feeling. Two months ago I was told similar, my surgeon said many folks do not heal from drop foot. It was crushing. Now his asst. said she saw a touch of improvement, but I've learned to not get my hopes up. The neurologist I saw a few years back said the same to me, no follow up appt. needed. Not words we want to hear.

My foot exercises mostly consist of ankle rotations, 20 times each direction (I have to rest in-between). I also use something similar to an elastic band around my foot and make it lift up 20 times, this is suppose to help the calf muscle. The third move I do is to tilt my foot to the left 20 times, then right 20 times, and hold it each time for a few seconds. Must say too much of this can cause extra nerve pain. BTW, I take the "horse pills" Gabapentin (Mine is the generic, Neurontin) 600mg, three times a day, lol. They can make me sleepy, but mostly help the tingly/burning/buzzing pain. Oh me, I'm seriously going to miss my Lortabs when they are gone. Trying not to take them daily now, saving what I have left for things like bad days, trips, etc. I'm thinking Florida is also cracking down hard on prescription drugs, but at this age feel we need them badly. Who cares about becoming addicted headed into late 60s/70's???

Meant to say earlier how sorry I am about your brace fitting inside the shoe. It seems you are walking right on top of the hard metal. How will the new one be different? Hopefully some type of cushion. At least it's making it able for you to walk. I think of folks in wheelchairs, they would love to be where we are now.

The most I learned from my EMG was that I "moderately severely" damaged. Sorry, not saying that well. Sounds like we had the same reaction to the test, "no response".

Oh heck, Lupus? Hopefully you'll never show any real signs. I have a friend with this problem and she seems to do fairly well. Really don't know much about it. LOL, yes, I'll Boo Hoo right along, this is a CRAZY time of life. Truly, I hope to pass on within the next ten years. I'm not cut out for the golden years!

Oh man, the doctors do stick together, no doubt about it. Seems way too fishy to me that all this directly started with the hard pinch behind the knee. Why in Hades did he do that, what was he testing for??? At our age the drs need to be extremely gentle. That's what I did my best to impress on my surgeon, THREE, times before the hip replacement. My nerves/body are fragile!

Heavens yes. At this age we need to be stable on our feet most of all. I fell about a week ago for the first time, knew it was coming one of these days. Even had the ankle brace on. Came down hard on one knee, SO afraid I broke something. Thank God I was okay........this time.

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