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Unhappy Unexplained Hairloss/26 F

Hi everyone,
I've been severely depressed the last few months because my hair has thinned drastically, seemingly unexplainable.

Some background:
I have always had fine hair, but a lot of it, it was actually always hard to manage because there was a bunch of it.

I have sebborheic dermatitis, but it is treated twice a week with TSAL. (It doesn't really flare up all that much, just a bit annoying on the dandruff side. I've also had this for years)

My bloodwork shows lower ferritin, but still normal at 32MG. My derm wants me to get it up to 70 to be safe. I've been a vegetarian for 6 years and this has also never been an issue before.

This past year, I experienced a bad break up, moved twice, and went on and off birth control twice. I've always been really stressed mentally, so i'm wondering if the hormone changes have done this to me?

My derm does not suspect AGA - she said she believes it is either diet or hormone related. I'm getting more comphrehensive bloodwork done tomorrow (Thyroid Function Panel, DHEA, Iron again, ANA, RPR, a few other things). Although, my TSH was normal on my first set of bloodwork.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Also if it is my birth control fluctuations, will my hair grow back? I do see a thin fringe of new hairs at the front hairline. I stopped taking birth control in May, (6 months ago). I noticed the shedding start badly around July.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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