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Re: foot drop?

You might need a larger shoe? I've seen this mentioned on some other posts about drop foot and the brace must be the reason why. Lord, hate anyone has to go through such a mess. Thinking I'll be in tennis shoes the rest of my life. Gonna look great with a dress, although I rarely have a dress on these days. I have started to manage a sandal in the house (no brace and dangerous), sort of an Earth Shoe with an elastic band behind the heel. My pain is much more under control, I think. I encourage you to take the larger does of nerve meds.

I'd remembered you broke a bone in the foot. Didn't know the circumstances. Sounds like it's healing with no after affects, that's really good.

Want to wish you luck with any plans about taking the brace back, trying for a refund. Really good to have the physical therapy guys to talk with. I had therapy for about six weeks, but with a forty dollar co pay for each visit, had to give them up. They were a great support team, very helpful. Bet they can give some great help and pointers. You have a good weekend too. Rain moving in on us, and wouldn't you know.....we have a big campfire night planned for Saturday. Guess we can all move to the wrap around porch, lol!