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right-side symptoms BUT left-side pathology??

So I went for my bite registration, EMG, and xrays today. When the assistant showed me my xrays she told me something quite peculiar: that my left condyle is bunched up into my ear canal. What's weird about it is that all my symptoms, including ear fullness, jaw clicking, headaches, eye pain and cheek tenderness are ALL ON THE RIGHT SIDE!

I left feeling very confused and I'm wondering how that can even be possible. I have no symptoms (or very little) on the left side. Really it seems only that my headaches and facial pressure will spill over to that side, but everything is more intense and starts on the right side. Could she have got the xrays mixed up or something? I kept saying that it sounded very weird. Haven't spoken to the dentist about it but will at the next appointment.

Does this sound possible or does it sound like a flat-out mistake?

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