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Re: foot drop?

When I bought these expensive Easy Spirit shoes I did try a 1/2 size larger and naturally the shoe floated on the right foot .. I refused to spend that kind of money $70 for a shoe that didn't fit one foot. As you know I live in Florida and I'm either barefoot or with sandals on and this big closed shoe is just about killing me. Right now (don't laugh) I have a sandal on with my invention of wrapping the ace bandage around the bottom of the shoe several times and t hen around my ankle... I still have to be careful since the ace must be stretching out..
the only effects I'm having from the fracture is the swelling which is pretty bad.

I am on a Medicare Advantage Plan - maybe you've heard of them. I am not on straight Medicare and normally I would have a copay of $20 every visit for therapy but this place says just come and we'll waive the copay. I don't think it's legal what they're doing ... not my problem but first I have get the referral to go there.. I'm on an HMO and seriously considering changing to a PPO which Blue Cross/Blue Shield has for us seniors.. That way I could go see some good doctors (if there are any left) at Shands in Gainesville or Cleveland Clinic ... I just don't feel real confident with the doctors in my area because no one is really telling me anything. Every one says the nerve damage is coming from my back. Well, I would have thought the 26 visits to the chiro stretching my spine and getting that disc off the nerve was the answer but these guys say no. They also tell me I wasted my $2500 for this treatment (Medicare does not pay for any of it) so I think I got royally screwed.. If it's coming from my back tell me what to do ... but no one tells me anything..

I will try to take the higher dose of the Gabpentin later if I don't choke to death trying.. I swear they're like horse pills !!!! I will also ask my primary if he'll refill the Lortab. You are right in saying at our age who cares if we become dependent on a pill .. I take the most 3 a day but have dwindled down to 1 or 2 due to my short supply...

As for rain, we just got a whopper of a storm. It came down in buckets with bad lightning. Crazy weather all over it seems.

Hope you stay and high dry so you can enjoy your weekend plans..